Scoring the Speakers


Fresno Famous has been scoring the convention speakers according to the American parliamentary debate scale. My favorite so far, on Edwards:

The mother is at the kitchen table? Her kids are cold? In July? And hungry? And she works hard? I'm ready to recommend a multi-million dollar award.

"And I've heard some discussions and debates around America about where and in front of what audiences we ought to talk about race and equality and civil rights. I have an answer to that questions: Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere."

Except for the rest of this speech.


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  1. Edwards’ speech was an uninspired collection of bits from old speeches. Having the “Hope Is Here” signs *already in the crowd* — by the time he got to that part — was completely lame.

  2. Talk about scoring the speakers—I found an online journaling site that analyzes hidden emotions behind words. Each morning, I’ve been plugging the text from the major speakers into the site ( and trying to get a feel for what’s REALLY going on behind the words. Carter, Bill, Edwards and Teresa all scored pretty high on the optimism rating, but Hillary and Obama both came up with some anxiety. Pretty interesting stuff. Nancy

  3. Fletcher’s axiom:


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