Hit & Run



(1) Damn, he's good; I'm kinda glad he went about 15 minutes overtime and (apparently) totally unscripted…
(2) …though given the media frenzy the presumptive Illinois senator's been generating, you'd think Al could manage not to identify him as "Obama Barack," and…
(3) I know the line "our votes cannot be bought" in reply to Bush's recent entreaty sounds good, but since it follows a long list of all the things Democrats are supposed to have done for African Americans, it doesn't really make sense. What he's really trying to say, I'd think, is that those votes have been bought with a lot of legislation serving the interests of black citizens (the Voting Rights Act, etc.), and Republicans haven't yet been sufficiently willing to deal in that currency. But hey, it's a convention speech, enough nitpicking.

Addendum: The use of "buying" above is meant to be neutral; a candidate could "buy" my vote by credibly suggesting he'd implement more libertarian-friendly policies than his opponent.