Hit & Run



"Wow. I hope that doesn't get out in the media." - young DNC campaigner, on being told that John Kerry may be the wealthiest person to ever run for President

"There was one false alarm. Back on Sunday." - FleetCenter police officer discusses the full extent of security issues to date

"Ow yer goin', mite?" - Sean Hannity attempts an Australian accent

"There's not a liberal America and a conservative America - there's the United States of America." - Illinois Senatorial candidate Barack Obama. So why bother having an election?

"Barack Osama …" - CNN pundit misidentifies the Democrats' rising star

"This [convention] is a very, very important infomercial that every American should watch." - Al Franken

"With John Kerry as President, global climate change will begin to be reversed." - Teresa Heinz Kerry on the chilling effect of a Kerry presidency

"Teresa Keinz Hairy …" - Matt Welch misidentifies the First Billionaire

"I've got to do some work on CNN. They're famous." - James Carville brushes aside an interview with Australia's Bulletin magazine