Hayek? She was awesome in Frida!


How are Jerry Brown and a first-time reader sending an angry email to Reason alike? How are they different?

Alike: Both pepper their discourse with italicized references to things that are and are not reasonable.

Different: Jerry Brown loves talking about Hayek and pushes politicization-of-science buttons with the skill of a lifelong libertarian schmooze artist.

If you haven't started religiously reading Matt Welch and Tim Blair's convention blog, Welch's surreal interview with the former California governor will make a convert of you.

And I'm planning to take a ride over to Oakland one of these days and shake the great man's hand!


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  1. Matt, how could you forget to ask about the fiasco with Linda in Las Vegas?

    It looked like it took Brown a minute to peg Reason. First he thought you guys were Free Inquiry or Skeptical Enquirer. The politicization-of-science thing was meant for them. Then he got the Economist hint and came up with the name Hayek, and he had you charmed.

    He really is a first rate charmer and pretty well read.

  2. Please tell me that every time he said reasonable he winked and a gave a thumbs up or at least paused for dramatic effect.

  3. It was more of a single-eyebrow thing (and perhaps the slightest knee-bend), with the word stretched out by a factor of 2.

  4. I can’t even read his name anymore without hearing Jello Biafra warbling “Hello, I’m Governor Jerry Brown…”

  5. Brown will always make the election of Arnold look reasonable.

    I loved the Secular Humanist comment.

  6. “Always smiles and never frowns…
    Soon I will be Pre-za-dent!”

  7. I was just happy to read that I don’t have to be into political philosophy to hang with the cool kids.

    And I don’t know how “well read” you have to be to drop the name Hayek in a blatant attempt at suck-uppery…

  8. Hey, you made your bed when you named the magazine.

    “Open Invitation to Lame Word Play Weekly” just doesn’t flow as well, I admit.

  9. By the way, to get the most mileage out of convention coverage, Matt should probably have a ton of newsstand versions of the personalized issue to hand out to people.

    No inverviewee should leave the convention without knowing what the magazine is, and that one should play well in the lion’s den.

    I leave the handoff technique to you suave media types …

  10. “Open Invitation to Lame Word Play Weekly” just doesn’t flow as well, I admit.

    Having spent a couple years at a publication where people routinely wrote in to say, “Your title is perfect, because you really do SUCK,” I actually thought I had gotten away from all that. Makes me wonder how disgruntled readers of U.S. News And World Report handle things.

  11. What have you done with Tim Blair? He’s in jail, isn’t he?

  12. What have you done with Tim Blair? He’s in jail, isn’t he?

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