Clinton Giving Bush Too Much Credit?


I'm only now looking over the much ballyhooed Clinton speech from the other night. He rather deftly links all sorts of spending cuts he's denouncing to the Bush tax cuts, as though there were some coordinated effort to balance the books by bringing spending into line to finance those cuts. If only.


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  1. WOW, excellent speech.

    Most here probably do not agree with his politics or morals, but he sure can deliver a speech.

  2. Clinton still has the all too rare ability to make his speeches seem like extemporaneous talks. The guy really knows how to connect with a crowd. Unfortunately, by comparison, Kerry will come off like the first mutterings of Frankenstein.

  3. Funny how politics trumps ideology. On concerns of spending, BUSH IS A DEMOCRAT!

  4. Don’t you love it when Cheney still says he’s a “deficit hawk”?

  5. Anyone have a link to a video the mentioned speech? I missed it and neglected to TiVo it 🙁


  6. You can watch it at though their server seems to be under some strain, so it may take a few tries to get through.

  7. This also reminds one of the advice to Republicans that they might as well cut spending, eliminate affirmative action, whatever, since the Democrats will accuse them of doing it anyway.

  8. A great deal of these “spending cuts” that Clinton is railing about is Congress or the President failing to raise spending by even more, up to the level that the Democrats wanted. Not actual cuts, not not raising by the level of inflation, not even taking back previously agreed upon increases that hadn’t phased in yet.

    Refusing to raise spending by as much as the Democrats want == Cuts.

    One almost has to wonder if lines like that convince any wavering fiscal conservatives to vote Republican.

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