Cheney as a Verb


Vermont Senator Patrick "Go Fuck Yourself" Leahy had a party/lunch thrown in his honor today at noon, at the shwank Davio's restaurant downtown. Two anecdotes (at least) ensued. Here's the first:

A male executive from the music-publishing-rights company BMI was there to thank Leahy for his long and distinguished service enforcing copyright rules for his corporate backers. Leahy warmly acknowledges the presence of his old friend, with whom, he says, he has a pretty intimate friendship. Then the following exchange, which is reported to me second-hand, Bob Woodward-style (meaning you shouldn't be fool enough to confuse these with verbatim quotes):

Leahy: We've had pretty good times at your house.
BMI Guy: Yeah, we sure have. Good times.
Leahy: In fact, we got a little crazy that weekend last year, didn't we?
BMI: Well, at least we didn't take our clothes off?.
Leahy: Well, nobody told me to go Cheney myself, so it was a great night.