John Banzhaf's Head Just Exploded


Drinkable donut.

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  1. John Banzaf Your Head A Splode

  2. Head exploding?

    Isn't the sort of thing that Banzhaf feeds on? (pun intended) Now he has one more target for lawsuits!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm . . . doughnut

  4. I bet it'll be nasty.


  5. Rick Barton: carbs (good, bad or indifferent) eventually end up as glucose or equivalent, which is what insulin works on. Glucose is what fuels the brain. W/o some kind of carbs in the diet, no fuel for the brain...

    • Comment by: thoreau at July 23, 2004 02:30 AM

    Cripes, thoreau... Do you ever sleep?

  6. Now, now... a milkshake is everything a donut is except the flour. Don't believe me? Try adding two-thirds cup to two cups or so of self-rising flour and bake the result in muffin cups.

  7. He blowed up REAL good!!!

  8. Once again, the corprate class has come up with a way to exploit the masses. By aggressively advertising their addictive, high-sugar products, they are directly attacking the health of the nation.
    Where are the FDA and the FTC when you need them? Perhaps a pre-emptive lawsuit.

  9. *chuckles*

    No matter how many times you guys use that 'head explodes' gag as a header it still makes me smile.

    Must be the visual....

  10. It's not just coincidence that Krispy Kreme is headquartered in WINSTON SALEM.

  11. "The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company said it currently does not have plans to introduce low-carb versions of the new drinks."

    Thank you.

  12. Speedwell, that's a great idea!!!

  13. It sounds kinda gross. BTW, there is a no human health requirement for carbs. Protein and fat, yes, but not carbs. Now, there are foods that contain carbs that are good for you...fruits and veg.

    Do you know what the one test result that people who are over a hundred y.o. have in common? Not low cholesterol. Low insulin! This correlates to lower blood sugar levels. Be healthy...Eat less carbs. And, eat many more antioxidants.
    Live long and prosper.

  14. I meant the drinkable donut, sounds kinda gross, not speedwell's concoction.

  15. Anything that gets Banzhaf's panties in a bunch is A-OK by me.

  16. Rick Barton:

    Read this article for a more complete look at your rather simplistic notion that "we don't need carbs". Carbs are fuel, the most efficient fuel source for the body. Fat, while more concentrated, is not as efficient. Also, there are good carbs, complex carbs, that come from natural, unrefined sources (whole wheat, oats, etc.) that are good sources of long-burning fuel (thus preventing extreme spikes and drops in the Glycemic Index), and which are also excellent sources of fiber (which is very necessary as well).

    "Eat less carbs" isn't the best of statements. "Eat better carbs" would be a better way of putting it. Eat a sweet potato instead of white bread. Eat whole-wheat cereal instead of cap'n crunch. But the simplistic notion of Mr. Atkins' "less carbs = good" is not something to live by, in the long term. Like I said, read the article I linked to above.

  17. The only good thing about the War on Obesity is the blowback.

  18. Evan Williams,

    I stated the fact that carbs are not required for a healthful existence, but protein and fats are.

    Your link is contra the Atkins diet, which I'm not really into. It included the passage: a growing body of evidence is mounting that carbohydrate restriction can accelerate weight loss in the short term, but it has yet to be proven that it keeps the fat off in the long run. This is not too Damning.

    You wrote:
    thus preventing extreme spikes and drops in the Glycemic Index

    You're a bit confused here. The glycemic index is a relative rating of how much different foods raise blood sugar levels. Oats have the lowest GI number of the whole grains and are a much better choice than wheat.

    If we cut out rice, potatoes, pasta and most breads, we will eat less carbs. I eat carbs only if they are BOTH not too high on the glycemic index and high in antioxidants. But, will take a higher GI for lots of antioxidants BTW, sweet potatoes meet my criteria. Most (but not all) veg and fruits do as well.

    Also, use lots of cinnamon. It makes cells more receptive to insulin so you produce less of it; also it is an antioxidant.

  19. jean,

    Fats and protein also wind up as glucose, do they not? Note; I'm not advocating abstaining from carbs. I'm just saying that we can survive with out them and that health tends to be optimized by eating less of them than most folks do.

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