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Friday Freemasonic Fun Link


The endless search for Masonic symbolism takes a detour.

NEXT: Wallace Beery. Wrestling. What do you need, a road map?

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  1. The mind reels!

    “The Mason’s Apron” is a great reel.*

    Coincidence? I think not.


    *The Chieftans’ version is on “An Irish Evening.”

  2. That’s Funniest thing I’ve read today.

    Here’s a list of fictional clubs, lodges and fraternities from TV Acres

  3. The link to Farrakhan’s speech was fascinating. Slaves first landed in Jamestown in 1555? Were they waiting 52 years for their masters to show up? It is a good thing the US had not gone metric when the Washington Monument was built. Otherwise, the monument would need to be over three times as high to make the symbolism work.

  4. That was absolutely delightful! Thank you for the fun link!

  5. Next you’ll ask us to believe that the “Mason” in Mason-Dixon Line is just a coincidence. And what about the “Mason” in mason jar? The Masons have clearly infiltrated the South, not that you care.

    And what’s up with Perry Mason? Anyone who has him for an attorney gets acquitted. We’re expected to believe that this is because all his clients are innocent, but since when do attorneys represent only innocent clients? Obviously, Perry uses his Masonic connections to help his clients escape justice.

    Protestantism is also a Masonic conspiracy. Ever hear of their song “A-Mason Grace?”

    Don’t forget that, in French, “White House” is “maison blanc,” which sounds like “mason.” Yet another “coincidence?”

    Don’t ask me to believe this is all an accident. You’re just “Mason” with my head.

  6. Thanks Torquemada.
    (“Let’s face it; You can’t Torquemada anything!”)

    } …in French, “White House” is “maison blanc,”
    } which sounds like “mason.”

    And besides which, Mel BLANC was a Mason!

    Co-incidence?!? I think not!

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