Tanner's High


Time was you could tell an addict by his sickly pallor. No longer.


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  1. Interesting headline…nowhere in the article does it actually refer to tanning as possibly ‘addictive’. Just that patients tended to prefer the UV tanning bed over the other, albeit a supposed unconscious preference.

  2. They just don’t think of the melanoma some of them will get

  3. replace “sickly pallor” with “eerie glow”

  4. Was that Chuck Tanner, Roscoe Tanner or Simon the Tanner from Acts?

  5. Zonker was on to something.

  6. For our children’s sake we need to destroy the sun immediately!

  7. It’s time to sue the merchants of death who operate those tanning beds! I know where to find millions of cancer-prone customers…

  8. The only rational response to the dangers we face (UV will kill me, Annie J’s fear of deadly arabic bands, the dangers of Mary Jane) is to hid, pale and shaking under your bed. Me, I will do as I have always done…laugh, laugh, laugh. Goddam Americans have become a bunch of p..sy’s. Of course sunlight makes you feel good (even simulated), ahem…that’s what happens when you are not a mole person.

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