Hit & Run

All the Jobs in China


We haven't heard the last of the issue this election season -- not by a longshot -- but I take personal satisfaction in the fact that a full-on protectionist candidate did not even make to the final round of a GOP race for Congress in North Carolina. The TV ads were killing me.

If there is any place that the South Parkian "they-took-our-jobs" lament should have traction it would be in the furniture belt of NC, and that is exactly what furniture company exec George Moretz tried to do. Moretz made "fair trade" the centerpiece of his campaign and his last round of TV ads featured a working stiff discovering that despite 30 years on the job, "They sent my job to China."

This prompted his distressed TV-ad wife to let loose with, "My word!" which is Southern for "Those cocksuckers!" Still, Moretz finished fourth in the primary of a safe GOP district.

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