Ultra-Hip, Blog of the Week


In a show of incomparable taste and discrimination, the self-evidently smart fellows over at the Adam Smith Institute have named Hit & Run their "blog of the week" and dubbed Reason an "ultra-hip libertarian magazine."

Given their namesake, I realize that it's not simply out of benevolence that the ASI crew gives out such plaudits; self-interest plays a role as well.

To that end, let me recommend their own excellent blog, which is regularly updated with tasty nuggets such as this recent entry about misguided critiques of so-called market worship.

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  1. Is that sample entry from their blog really your idea of a “tasty nugget”?

    If an offhand observation that market forces spur supermarket chains into product-assortment one-upmanship is what passes for a smackdown of “critiques of so-called market-worship”, Reason is more intellectually bankrupt than I imagined.

    When someone hammers a nail into a wall, it is not a refutaion of the old cautionary line that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  2. The Adam Smith Institute thinks you’re hip.

    Is that like the Dwarf Association thinking you’re tall?

  3. Koppelman is just green with envy. That’s what leads him to post things like that.

  4. OK, don’t get too hyped. This recognition is for blog of the week. I’m sure Reason is being sandwiched by the Farmer’s Almanac and Birds and Blooms magazine.

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