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I love a good scandal, and this one's a doozy. The AP's lede: "The official report read like a screwball comedy: an attention-craving woman pretending she's an IRA spy, two detectives lying their way to glory on the strength of her fantasies, and incompetent commanders failing year after year to notice anything fishy."


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  1. Hilarious! I wonder where they procured all the weapons and explosives cashes. They weren’t ALL cattle feed, right? To bad our own government’s “War on Terror” isn’t so (merely) funny.

  2. I think our version is that Idema guy who was running his own prison in Iraq.

  3. No, the American version happened in Tulia, Texas, and got a lot of people, all of them black, thrown in prison as “drug kingpins.” American cops tend to take an otherwise-amusing farce and turn it into atrocity.

  4. The report says:
    “One supposed find of explosives, when analyzed years later, turned out to be cattle feed.”

    If the analysis was ‘years later’, how do they know the real evidence wasn’t stolen in the meantime and replaced with cattle feed?
    Or maybe the IRA bombers thought it was explosives, but were duped into buying cattle feed.
    Or maybe the lab goofed-up the analysis and it really was explosives, not cattle feed.
    Or perhaps during the local priest’s yearly blessing of the police station, he inadvertently transubstantiated the explosives into cattle feed.

    I think this deserves a trip to the local pub for further discussion.

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