Soliciting Votes


New York's escort services and call girls are apparently revving up for a boom week when the Republican National Convention comes to town, with at least one service planning to have double the number of usual girls on call. Obviously, this can only be the result of the Senate's failure to pass the FMA. (Hat tip: Alina Stefanescu)

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  1. Sweet! Can we get some of them to take pictures of the action?

    I’d pay good money to be able to post a picture of Rick Santorum with his arm around a streetwalker.

  2. Back in 2000, several local Philadelphia papers ran interviews with strip club owners and the like talking about how much extra business they were going to do when the Republican convention came to town. But then after the convention they interviewed the same owners, and they said there was no boost in business. Has there ever been any sort of proof that political conventions are good for the sex industry?

  3. I used to work at a hotel in Buffalo where all the minor-league baseball teams stayed when in town. I don’t know about political conventions, but certainly *baseball* is very, very good for the ladies of the night.

  4. The font! It hurts!

  5. Sadly, when the American Economic Association had its annual meeting in NYC, most of the hookers took the week off. Or at least that’s what one hooker told an economist who asked her if economists were really as boring as they say.

  6. Yep, been chomping this one to bits. I was even thinking that my next documentary will be titled, “Conservatives Gone Wild: NYC!”

  7. But then after the convention they interviewed the same owners, and they said there was no boost in business.

    Chris, Chris, Chris. Haven’t you heard? Republicans don’t have sex. They simply procreate to combat international drops in fertility rates within democratic nations, naturally forming or otherwise.

    The Dems know how to go right to “E” in their hotel-room Yellow Pages, dial with all due haste, and 30 minutes later slap some booty. Pansex, metrosex, homosex, heterosex, it’s all good with the Dems.

    I pray to some intergalactic force of nature that I don’t ever have to hear of a Republican sex scandal again. As revealing of their Hyde-ian hypocrisies as it would be, I’d probably hurl.

  8. Original

  9. Oh Republicans are as horny as everyone else….they just have to be schizo about it

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