Getting Their Priorities Straight


In Japan, they're tracking schoolchildren with RFID tags. In Mexico, they're tracking politicians.

Well, it's not like politicians have any privacy anyway.

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  1. Summed up in one sentence by slashdot poster raju1kabir (251972):
    “Follow the money and the conclusion is clear: Japanese schoolchildren are about go to on sale at Walmart.”

  2. Tagging politicians sounds good to me. This is, I suppose, for the same reason that birds approve of belling cats.

  3. “…schoolchildren are about go to on sale at Walmart.”

    This should help Michael Jackson’s budget problems!

    How is Michael Jackson like Walmart?

    They both have little boys pants half off.

  4. What’s up with this? ‘Macedo said…”It’s only for access, for security and so that I can also be located at any moment anywhere I am.”’

    ANYWHERE he is? So is this some kind of newfangled satellite-readable RFID chip? Is Mexico blanketed with RFID readers every six feet? Or is Macedo just in the dark about how they work? (Politicians clueless about how things actually work…what a shocker that would be.)

  5. this is a great idea. combine these RFIDs with that movie scanners….problem solved, america!

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