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Just the thing for a Monday morning: A flash animation making fun of Bush and Kerry.

NEXT: Minimum Wage, Heeyah!

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  1. Brilliant! Bravo!

  2. OH MAN!! That is absolutely positively the, no-question-about-it, funniest fucking political humor I've seen since the Reagan Administration. I don't know why it kept harping on "three purple hearts" but that's a minor quibble.

    In the words of Jeff Spicoli:
    "Awsome! Totaly Awsome"

  3. Warren: maybe because Kerry so often harps on it? But you're right, I would have liked to see more different jabs at him. Still, hi-larious!

  4. Finally, a fair and balanced take on the election that treats both candidates with all of the dignity and respect that they deserve!

    As my grandfather said, the election is a lot of fun, but he's worried that one of them might win.

  5. Funniest political cartoon ever.

  6. Very creative! Thanks for finding it and sharing the link!

  7. If only Bush really was a "right wing" anything...Bush is a big government liberal but with just enough of a political self-preservation instinct to cut taxes a little bit.

    BTW, a guy named Edwards from Cato was just on CNBC saying that adding Fed. and State corporate taxes yields an effective rate for US corporations of 40%. The average rate for the top 25 industrial nations is 30%.

    There is a bill to bring the Fed rate down from 35% to 32% and balance it with, I think, a $90 billion cut in corporate subsidies. It's not getting any leadership from Bush at this point, but it sounds like a good start.

  8. That's one of the best ever! ("I've won the Purple Heart thrice" -- classic!)

  9. Why, I do believe we've slashdotted them.

  10. Rick Barton,

    You are right. I wish they used a more appropriate tag (compassionate kook or some such thing) for Bush, but it still is absolute tops!

  11. "THIS LAND" [Jonah Goldberg ]
    I'm not a huge fan of parody songs, but this one is funny enough to post.
    Posted at 11:49 AM

    I beat you!!!



  13. Boner Goldberg?

    A long time ago I knew a guy named Jonah who got the nickname "Boner" in grade school. And no, it wasn't a sexual thing. This nickname was acquired in first grade, when boner jokes weren't fully appreciated yet. It was based on a line from a sitcom.

    Did anybody on this board perchance go to St. Stephen's Elementary School in Milwaukee in the 1980's?

  14. Boner jokes in Catholic school?

    I'm scandalized.


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