Hit & Run

Murder In Russia


I woke up this morning to read the horrific news that my former Forbes magazine colleague Paul Klebnikov has been murdered. He was the editor of Forbes Russia. I have not seen him in some years, but I recall him with great affection. He and I would often go to lunch and have vigorous discussions of all sorts (usually about religion and politics). He generously invited me into numerous Klebnikov family celebrations where music, fiercely intellectual conversation, and Stolichnaya vodka flowed freely--going to those parties form some of my fondest memories. I was pleased to attend his wedding.

Our last lunch was shortly after he had published his book about Yeltsin crony Boris Berezovksy. Paul mentioned off hand that he had received some death threats over that book. He was an uncommonly brave man, both intellectually and physically. I would like to express my deep sorrow to his family, especially to his three children and his wife.

I've been meaning for some time to support the vital work of the Committee to Protect Journalists . Better late than never.