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The good folks at the Drug Policy Alliance have started a blog called The D'Alliance that's worth checking out.

Among the tidbits I learned from it: Tommy Chong will be appearing on The Tonight Show this evening, giving his first post-prison interview since being sent up the river for selling bongs online.

And [blogrolling alert!] I stumbled across some kind words regarding my Wednesday night appearance on The O'Reilly Factor, during which I discussed--well, tried to--medical marijuana.

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  1. I thought you did pretty well on O'Reiley's show, Nick. Only advice I'd have is to try to refrain from rolling your eyes as it makes you look kinda bad - yes, even when contrasted with O'Reily shouting you down because you're "ridiculous." 🙂

    I don't know about you guys, but it's got to be a good sign when Bill "The Moralist" O'Reily is in basic agreement with libertarians on medical mj.

  2. Outrageous:

    "ANDREA BARTHWELL, MD: ...This is about making marijuana legal.
    And the way in which it's written, such that a person could have six pounds, as you say, enough to fill a shopping cart...
    O'REILLY: Two.
    BARTHWELL: Two shopping carts, really. It allows a person so much marijuana that they could supply a whole community of schoolchildren with enough marijuana...
    O'REILLY: Yeah, absolutely.
    BARTHWELL: ... to keep them intoxicated for days at a time.
    O'REILLY: Right. There's no question this is a ruse.

    So his "no spin zone" requires him to shush-up Mr. Gillespie, yet her implication that legalizing marijuana, medical or not, leads to schoolchildren being intoxicated for days at a time, gets a free pass? If someone owns 2 carts of marijuana, it somehow automatically, magically, intoxicates schoolchildren? Bringing "schoolchildren" into it is the biggest and oldest spin there is. O'Really must have been so dizzy he missed it.

  3. good job Nick,
    I disagree with Mike H, I missed nearly 20% of Bill's rant because my own eyes were uncontrollably rolling in my own head - the only reasonable response given his refusal to let you speak.
    O'Reilly's show is one of the few places in the major media that libertarian thought is treated with a shred of serious regard, I look forward to every appearance by a Reason staff member.

  4. Here's a transcript -

    Best bit -
    GILLESPIE: If I could finish.

    O'REILLY: You can't finish, because what you're saying is ridiculous.

  5. C'mon, Nick, admit it: you just want to sell shopping carts full of dope to schoolchildren.
    Admit it!

  6. I want to get my dope from Bills connection. That's got to be some pretty fluffy buds to weigh in at three pounds to a shopping cart. Or maybe he shops at one of those boutique markets with the cute little carts.

  7. With all due respect to Mr. Gillespie (really, Nick, I'm on your side) why would anyone with even a shred of self-resprect even consent to go on with a buffoon like O'Reilly?

  8. Thanks for the tranny -- w/o it I would've never known that someone at Fox News thinks Reason is "a Libertarian publication."

  9. S"o his "no spin zone" requires him to shush-up Mr. Gillespie, yet her implication that legalizing marijuana, medical or not, leads to schoolchildren being intoxicated for days at a time, gets a free pass?"

    Of course this is a "no spin zone" Elvis, no spin except HIS.

  10. The black lists not the correct approach, is necessary to create the centralized system for struggle with spam and to do blogs, closed for the not registered users.

  11. The O'Reilly factor is a great Commentary and Opinion based show that presents both opposing points of view, coupled with Billy O'Reilly's usual flare for the dramatic. Great show!

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