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Sock It to Penn Jillette


Sock, the new (and first) novel by Penn Jillette (the self-described "larger, louder half of Penn & Teller") is out and looks well worth a read. As Booklist summarizes, it's a thriller whose narrator is:

…a sock monkey named Dickie, the childhood doll of a now six-foot-six diver for the NYPD, who fishes stiffs out of the drink, and whom Dickie calls the Little Fool. When he dredges up the overstabbed corpse of the woman he loved, Nell, a stripper-lapdancer with an intellectual streak and bed skills for days, he determines to find her killer, who in short order reprises his act with four more women and two men.

That the Booklist reviews ends with the unforgiveable line "Sock is socko!" shouldn't keep anyone from checking the book out.

And do check out Penn & Teller's most excellent Showtime series Bullshit!, which is airing again in July and is worth price of bumping up to premium channels. Sign up so you can see the July 15 rebroadcast of their excellent takedown of the drug war, which features Reason's own Jacob Sullum as a talking head.