Rolling Papers Don't Raise Objection


In case you've been wondering what Joe Jackson's been up to lately: Apparently, he's been fighting for your right to smoke.

[Thanks to Russ Dewey for the link.]

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  1. There was a guy named Sidney Zion who used to write a column in the NY Post. He said if passive smoke killed people, then everyopne who was a reporter back in the 40s and 50s should have been dead from the amount of smoke in the newsrooms.

  2. “Everything gives you cancer.”

    I guess he was a skeptic from way back.

  3. Joe Jackson is God! He not only makes great music, but he’s a right minded thinker and activist as well.

    Here’s something to ponder about smoking bans:

    Nobody should have to work in an enviroment that is harmful to them, and they shouldn’t have to work somewhere else, either. I work in a hospital around sick patients and I demand my right to have everyone of them wrapped in a body condom and have a full filter repirator stuck on their faces the whole time I’m there. I shouldn’t have to be exposed to what they have. Unlike second-hand smoke that MIGHT hurt me, the stuff that these patients have will DEFINATILY hurt me (after all, it put them in the hospital!).

    If we’re gonna stop unhealthy exposure, we can’t be too careful.


  4. “Smoking is in fact the biggest avoidable cause of death and disability in the UK, and its prevention would do more to improve health in this country than anything medicine has to offer.”

    That is a little bit overstated. Taking half an aspirin per day does more for longevity than quitting smoking, losing weight, regular exercise, and getting into a good diet regimen, combined.

    I?m not claiming that quitting coffin nails is a bad idea just that smokes aren?t Satan incarnate.

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