I Feel Some Glaucoma Coming On…


Oregon's got an initiative on the ballot that would make their medical marijuana law the most liberal in the country, upping the limit from three ounces to six pounds. Our own Nick Gillespie recently debated the initiative with Bill O'Reilly.

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  1. Great Header, particularly in view of Mister Nick's go round with Uncle Bill O'Reilly last eve.

    Big Smirk

  2. Health hint: the nausea-reducing properties don't seem to be fully efficacious if the nausea was induced by beer.

  3. I can`t believe they are still calling it a gateway drug.If you`ve got cancer or aids the only gateway you are going to see is dirt in your face when they plant you.

  4. Sounded like Nick's nemesis, Ms. Deputy Drug Czar, would be okay with MJ as long as the FDA approves it.... πŸ˜‰

  5. Maybe its different if you actually watched the show, but after reading that transcript it seemed like that was the All Spin Zone. Nick was not given a fair shake at all.

  6. At the risk of sounding overly critical, Gillespie essentially took himself out of that debate by trying to firmly defend the "ruse" issue. It would have been better to skirt that issue and respond directly to the ridiculous statements by the Czarette. I mean, wow. She is off the freaking deep end. Basically, we're the feds, and we know better than your doctor. If we haven't said it's treatment, it's not. Why doesn't that scare more people (H&R readers excepted, obviously).

  7. "GILLESPIE: All right, but you agree that medical marijuana makes sense and is a legitimate choice.

    O'REILLY: For Montel Williams and people like that."

    But not for the rest of us slime bags? O'Reilly, you big populist you!

  8. Ken,

    Much as I hate to defend the Spin Zone, I think he meant that he approved of it for people who are actually suffering from cancer, etc. He was concerned that people would fake a condition in order to get pot.

  9. All the logical arguments in the world wouldn't have worked on the czaress (there's a reason she's the "czaress"). Remember, Uncle Sam knows best...

  10. Too bad the transcript couldn't include the shot of O'Reilly shaking his head in frustration after the discussion. That was priceless.

  11. Goddamn, Bill O'Reilly sucks...

  12. This lady is allowed to be called a doctor? Shame on her.

    I do agree with sparky - I think Nick probably could have done a better job. But in Nick's defence, he was already behind the 8 ball and the opposition was stacked against him. (Is that enough euphemisms for you all?)

    Actually, it's funny, but I've almost decided I need to start claiming to be 'independent' rather than 'libertarian' from some of the reactions people have when I use the ol' l-word. πŸ™‚

  13. "Two shopping carts, really. It allows a person so much marijuana that they could supply a whole community of schoolchildren with enough marijuana..."

    I'm from Oregon and I can't wait till this initiative passes. I'm going to my nearest shaman with not one, but two shopping carts. He'll hook me up with my 6 lbs. Then I'm heading to the the nearest elementary school and pass out loose joints at recess. That will be so awesome!

  14. Check out today's Fark.com; they've posted a story from the Guardian on a related topic. Apparently, studies have shown that regular marijuana smoking improves your night vision, and provides temporary relief from some blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa.

  15. Bill O'Reilly, like any and all people who support drug prohibition, are traitors by definition. Their blantant, poorly excused hatred -- for freedom, open society, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, markets, trade, human dignity, life, progress, peace, society, etc, and so much else that might make this world worthwhile -- has a stench similar to that of a rotting corpse.

    Their very continued existence makes me want to vomit until my own organs fly up into my throat and choke me to death. I think even that does a pretty lame job of illustrating how much I hate them. I don't think I can say any more than that about them without getting into trouble, but you get my drift.

  16. "Their very continued existence makes me want to vomit until my own organs fly up into my throat and choke me to death."

    Marijuana's anti-nausea properties might help you there. Another life saved!

  17. "Had your say" my ass! O'Reilly is such a piece of shit. Every time he goes on another interview show, I think of that Simpsons episode where Grandpa went to school on Career Day.

    Mrs. Krabappel: Mr. Simpson, why don't you come up here and let somebody else interrupt for a change?

  18. Newsflash for you Bill: no drug dealer is going to get his supply from a source that requires him to, in effect, register with the government. I imagine that there will be some sort of accountability and possibly even follow-up visits to med users's homes to ensure that the meds are being used and safeguarded properly.

  19. God, I can't stand O'Reilly. But, if I could get a job pontificating and prosletyzing while getting paid millions, I'd take it.

  20. That was a pretty pathetic interview. Seemed like the Bill O'Reilly version of *hands on ears* "LalalalalaICan'tHearYouSoYouMustBeWrong". "Had your say" apparently means "I've talked over you and dismissed your arguments with a wave of my hand."

    And all the practitioners would be licensed? So he's wrong when he says any clown could head up there and start handing out pot. Plus, that was a great conflation, wherein every single person who gets some pot will immediately head to the nearest elementary school and start selling joints.

  21. Nick, you're very brave to attend O'Reilly's argument contradiction clinic (even if
    you both get dirty and the pig likes it). I loved, "Well, actually, we do have people peddling nicotine." I wonder, though: why do those obviously not toeing the O'Reilly line go on his show in the first place? Could we conduct a green-room poll?

    Similarly, I know there are no huge fans of M. Moore here. But what if, for fairness' and balance's sake, he had a similar "Hot Seat" show? Would he be as nasty as Kill-Bill? Somehow I doubt it.

    PS. thanks for the "print-friendly" (one page, I imagine) version. I hate trudging through that "1 | 2 | 3 | Next >>" shit in web pages.

  22. Doh! "Argument" was supposed to be struck through.

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