Saddam the Vegan?


According to IraqPundit, the Baghdad press is reporting that Saddam Hussein isn't well. One paper quotes a U.S. military doctor to the effect that Saddam is suffering from a heart ailment, which otherwise remains unspecified. The story goes on to note that the only food that the former dictator is willing to eat in prison is rice and veggies.


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  1. The fucking hacks won’t give me anything BUT “rice and vegetables”.

  2. Quick, put him on Atkins.

  3. Saddam,
    You need to keep regular now days. It’ll make the ass pounding in Abu Ghraib a little more tolerable and a lot less messy.

  4. Five hours, and no one has trotted out the “Hitler was a vegetarian” myth.

    I’m impressed.

  5. What they didn’t mention is that Saddam is refusing to wear any shoes except Birkenstocks.

  6. Yes, he certainly looks the part. 🙂

  7. He’s ill. So’s Slobodan Milosovic. Now what’s the likelihood of both of them getting their trials thrown out because of “ill health” and then making a Pinochet-style miraculous recovery as soon as they are out ?

    Another question : Do you think that if any of us common folk were put in front of a judge, “ill health” would result in our cases being thrown out ?

    I think not.

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