Even Would-Be Presidents of the United States Sometimes Must Have to Stand Metaphorically Naked


In his review of Fahrenheit 9/11, Roger Ebert comments:

Apparently Bush and other members of his administration don't know what every TV reporter knows, that a satellite image can be live before they get the cue to start talking. That accounts for the quease-inducing footage of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz wetting his pocket comb in his mouth before slicking back his hair. When that doesn't do it, he spits in his hand and wipes it down. If his mother is alive, I hope for his sake she doesn't see this film.

This really is one of the most entertaining parts of the movie. If you like this sort of footage, you might want to track down the documentary Feed—it consists of nothing but such transmissions, all culled from campaign '92. Watch it, and you'll never be able to look at Jerry Brown again without thinking of nasal spray.

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  1. It’s not Jerry Brown’s nose I think of when I contemplate such footage. Have you ever seen the classic shot of Peter Jennings blowing away snot just before a live remote?

  2. I think you mean “schmutz”, John. 🙂 Schmaltz is chicken fat. Picture wiping that off your kid’s face with a saliva-moistened thumb. Ewwww.

  3. Who says blowing your nose isn’t a metaphor? Shtuping an intern? You people just don’t have any imagination.



  4. I worked at a news station and got to see all sorts of this stuff, so I was happy to find out a very good and somewhat illegal movie called Spin by Brian Springer that much resembles Feed (which by the way was made by GW’s cousin). I have not seen Feed but I would suggest Spin, it is available for free, along with some other great “art” films at this address:


  5. Lisa:

    I thought “schmaltz” was used in the same way “saccharine” is, isn’t it?

    Too sweet vs. too fatty?

    Words are cool …

  6. The corollary to this is to always assume that a microphone in front of you is hot until specifically told and shown otherwise. Bush/Cheny introduced the American public to Adam Clymer by forgetting this rule. Any Ohioans remember Martin Hoke being in the news for being caught on mic remarking that the TV producer who had wired him for an interview had “beeeeeg breasts?”

  7. His mother wouldn’t mind. Mothers are infamous for licking their thumb to wipe some real or imagined schmaltz off their sons’ faces.

  8. Does Walker find this so hilarious because he’s a libertarian James Dean, finding a rebellious, dark humor in Wolfowitz made to look stupid, i.e., “the powerful brought low?”
    Did we take a day off from the “battlefield of ideas?”

    Every time I see Jerry Brown, I think: Thanks for carrying the flat tax torch for while, JB.

    The only “gotcha” camera moments that are even partially relevant are the Clinton walking out of Ron Brown’s funeral type, and even then they don’t amount to much, just a character study at best.

  9. There’s a great moment in “The Atomic Cafe” where you see Harry Truman with a big shit-eating grin on his puss, just moments before he assumes his “serious” face and delivers the news of the Hiroshima bombing.
    “Cafe” is a fun film. Despite some obvious lefty bias, I recommend it highly.

  10. Does Walker find this so hilarious because he’s a libertarian James Dean

    More of a libertarian George Lindsey, really.

  11. Have you ever seen the classic shot of Peter Jennings blowing away snot just before a live remote?

    No, but I’m rolling on the floor picturing it. Where you do find it??

  12. I’m waiting for the shot where we get to see Cheney pulling his hand out of W’s ass before the interview starts . . .

  13. And the cheap shots just keep on comin’…

  14. Schmaltz is like Lawrence Welk or other old-fashioned pomp, is the impression I have. Which could be saccharin at the same time, I suppose.

  15. You’re all wrong.

    Schmaltz was the brewery Laverne and Shirley worked at.

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