Hit & Run

Even Would-Be Presidents of the United States Sometimes Must Have to Stand Metaphorically Naked


In his review of Fahrenheit 9/11, Roger Ebert comments:

Apparently Bush and other members of his administration don't know what every TV reporter knows, that a satellite image can be live before they get the cue to start talking. That accounts for the quease-inducing footage of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz wetting his pocket comb in his mouth before slicking back his hair. When that doesn't do it, he spits in his hand and wipes it down. If his mother is alive, I hope for his sake she doesn't see this film.

This really is one of the most entertaining parts of the movie. If you like this sort of footage, you might want to track down the documentary Feed -- it consists of nothing but such transmissions, all culled from campaign '92. Watch it, and you'll never be able to look at Jerry Brown again without thinking of nasal spray.