25 Years Ago in Reason


"So valuable were Reverend [Jim] Jones's political connections…that one can only speculate why he was never asked to join the Carter administration on the cabinet level."

— Thomas Hazlett, "Pleading Jim Jones's Case"

"Napoleon was respected—because he was feared. Jefferson was respected—because he inspired men with a practical vision of liberty."

— Robert Poole Jr., "On the Decline of U.S. Power"

"'Drop your guns or someone might get hurt,' one of the officers yelled. The wives and children complied—but someone was already hurt….John Singer was dead: the result of resisting a court order that he comply with state compulsory schooling laws."

— Gerald M. King, "Man vs. State"

"[Sen. Robert] Taft demonstrated that an anticommunist need not…be a cold warrior and that a foreign policy concerned with preserving internal civil and economic liberties will…be more limited in scope and goals than one whose grandiose purpose is to advance human rights throughout the world."

— Michael McMenamin, "Anticommunist? Yes. Cold Warrior? No."