25 Years Ago in Reason


"So valuable were Reverend [Jim] Jones's political connections…that one can only speculate why he was never asked to join the Carter administration on the cabinet level."

-- Thomas Hazlett, "Pleading Jim Jones's Case"

"Napoleon was respected -- because he was feared. Jefferson was respected -- because he inspired men with a practical vision of liberty."

-- Robert Poole Jr., "On the Decline of U.S. Power"

"'Drop your guns or someone might get hurt,' one of the officers yelled. The wives and children complied -- but someone was already hurt….John Singer was dead: the result of resisting a court order that he comply with state compulsory schooling laws."

-- Gerald M. King, "Man vs. State"

"[Sen. Robert] Taft demonstrated that an anticommunist need not…be a cold warrior and that a foreign policy concerned with preserving internal civil and economic liberties will…be more limited in scope and goals than one whose grandiose purpose is to advance human rights throughout the world."

-- Michael McMenamin, "Anticommunist? Yes. Cold Warrior? No."