Hit & Run

Hubris Unmasked


The Boston Phoenix has umasked the anonymous "CIA figure" behind the controversial new book, Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror.


A Phoenix investigation has discovered that Anonymous does not, in fact, want to be anonymous at all ? and that his anonymity is neither enforced nor voluntarily assumed out of fear for his safety, but rather compelled by an arcane set of classified regulations that are arguably being abused in an attempt to spare the CIA possible political inconvenience. In the Phoenix?s view, continued deference by the press to a bogus and unwanted standard of secrecy essentially amounts to colluding with the CIA in muzzling a civil servant ? a standard made more ridiculous by the ubiquity of Anonymous?s name in both intelligence and journalistic circles.

When asked to confirm or deny his identity in an interview with the Phoenix last week, Anonymous declined to do either, and said, "I?ve given my word I?m not going to tell anyone who I am, as the organization that employs me has bound me by my word." His publisher, Brassey?s, likewise declined to comment. Nearly a dozen intelligence-community sources, however, say Anonymous is Michael Scheuer ? and that his forced anonymity is both unprecedented and telling in the context of CIA history and modern politics.

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