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Talk Back Iraq


Iraq has had talk radio for a couple of months, which may be an even better harbinger than the country's new interim government. Yesterday, the Iraqi airwaves were reportedly filled with callers to Radio Dijla who were celebrating their new government, and threatening the thugs who have been menacing it.

The AP reported the texts of several calls. Here's one: "'I send my congratulations to all Iraqis and every Iraqi home,' a woman who identified herself as Um Yassin gushed, her voice choked with emotion. 'I want to tell Dr. Allawi to be bold, to be strong. We need him to build up the army because we need them at a time like this.'"

Is that kind of reaction typical? We obviously don't know, though it is matched by a number of Iraqi-in-the-street TV interviews shown in the U.S. If such acceptance does turn out to be widespread, then it would indicate that the new government could enjoy an early honeymoon of popular legitimacy on which it could build. It would also mean we'd have to rename that so-called "resistance."

Thanks to: Captain's Quarters (via Instapundit)