Hit & Run

In Politics, You're Only as Good as Your Last Hit


The NY Times checks out Hollywood's swoonsome reaction to Gubernator Schwarzenegger and discovers that the folks out there are starfuckers first and liberals second.

[Arnold] has proven so popular as governor ? polls show he has an approval rating of over 60 percent ? that many Hollywood Democrats not only praise him but have joined him on some issues….Danny DeVito, an early political supporter of the governor and his co-star in films like "Twins," remembered that fellow Democrats in the business questioned his endorsement.

"Some of my friends couldn't believe I was supporting him," Mr. DeVito said. "They said that, basically, he was a Republican" ? as in contagious disease.

These days, Hollywood is humming a different tune. "The movie industry respects a hit, and this movie is working because it's good," said Sean Daniel, a producer and former studio executive who voted against the recall and for the Democratic candidate, Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante, last October. "This isn't just marketing. This is real."

Whole thing here.

Even enviro-gag-line Ed Begley, Jr. has kind words for Arnold in the piece. At the same time, it's worth pointing out that Ed Begley, Jr. and Danny DeVito have about as much star power as, say, longtime Republicanoids Vincent Gallo and Bo Derek.

[Tip of the hat to the real Ben Schwartz]