Hit & Run

Nader to Moore: You're Fat


Presidential hopeful, scourge of hard-leftists who desperately want Democrats to control the White House despite claims that they are radicals, and high-profile germaphobe Ralph Nader is getting into the diet biz, telling former friend and ally Michael Moore that he's a big tub of goo. From The Washington Post today:

"I've been at him for years, saying 'you've got to lose weight,' " Nader said in the phone interview. "Now, he's doubled. Private exhortations aren't working. It's extremely serious. He's over 300 pounds. He's like a giant beach ball."

If Moore continues to double in size every few years, he may well become the leading environmental issue of the next decade, which should make a hell of documentary (Morgan Spurlock, you may want to line up your next project now). Whole thing here. It also includes a nice moment of bonding between Dick Armey's Citzens for a Sound Economy and Nader, who reporedly carries 190 pounds of Corvair-hating flesh on his 6-ft., 4-inch frame.

Nader and Moore had a falling out over Nader's role in possibly tipping the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush (in the aftermath of the Florida ballot snafu, Moore likened the spectacle to Kristallnacht). Screw Red/Blue America. Maybe the real dividing line is between Regular and Relaxed-Fit America.