Hit & Run

Australian For Dickhead, Mate!


Throw another shrimp on the barbie, pop open a Foster's, and wave your kid in front of a crocodile already.

In its ongoing bid to become the most retarded and fun-hating former British colony this side of the United States, government officials in New South Wales, Australia, have unveiled a truly stupefying ad campaign aimed at stigmatizing pot smokers as "dickheads."

The latest phase in the state government's cannabis awareness program was launched to screen before movies throughout the school holidays.

The advertisements, which will also be displayed in cinema bathrooms, bus shelters and on buses, highlight adverse health effects, physical dangers and social impacts of using the drug.

One includes the ad-line: "Pot. It mightn't kill you. But it could turn you into a dickhead."

Suddenly, the "This is your brain on drugs" shtick seems almost legitimate. Whole thing here.

[Thanks to Baylen Linnekin at the Drug Policy Alliance.]