Hit & Run

A Defendant Even Ron Kuby Wouldn't Defend


The Washington Post has a story today about ultra-lefty lawyer Lynne Stewart, who is about to go on trial for allegedly aiding the "blind sheik," Omar Abdel Rahman, (he's currently serving "a life sentence for conspiring to blow up the United Nations, two Hudson River tunnels and Manhattan's FBI building").

How bad is Sheik Omar? Even Ron Kuby, the longtime partner of the late radical attorney William Kunstler, wouldn't touch him with a 10-ft. pole, telling the Post,

I love Lynne, but no one in the world could fairly posit the sheik as a progressive or liberal on any issue….In the aftermath of September 11th, I could no longer put myself in the service of those who are trying to create a world in which I would be put up against a wall and shot, and my daughter and wife would be put in burqahs."

Whole Post story here. Stewart maintains her innocence and the potentially chilling implications of her prosecution are the subject of this June feature story in Reason.