Hit & Run

Bush Lock Picking


The best rebuttal I've heard of the "Bush is a lock" view comes from Demo pollster Stan Greenberg. OK, make it the only rebuttal.

Anyway, Greenberg thinks John Kerry can and will try to run to the right of Bush on the military and Iraq by arguing that Bush and Rummy & Co. have botched the operation. How exactly Kerry conveys his greater understanding of military affairs, aside from pointing to his medals, or rather the spot where his medals would be if he still had them, remained unclear even after Greenberg presented his views on CSPAN last week.

I also do not understand how Kerry can move an iota rightward on anything without setting off the progressives who have little use for Kerry to begin with.

Me, I think it is down to some huge Bush foreign policy gaffe in one of the debates that Kerry then pounces on -- assuming the man can, in fact, pounce.