Hit & Run

Congratulations to Us!


Apologies for tooting our own horn, but I'm happy to announce that Reason made an excellent showing in the 46th annual Southern California Journalism Awards, which are produced by the Los Angeles Press Club.

Our Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey took the top prize in the Magazine Feature/Commentary/Column category for his February 2003 piece, "The Battle For Your Brain," which is online here. Sez the judges:

Ah, brave new world! Writer Ronald Bailey presents the pros and cons of neurological enhancement. A complex topic. Well organized and fascinating.

And Reason Online took top honors in the Online Column/Commentary/Criticism category for our ongoing coverage of the war in Iraq (a slightly out of date compilation is online here). The judges again:

Yearlong drumbeat of columns, critiques and commentary about the U.S. mission in Iraq examined virtually every angle of the invasion, from run-up to the deadly business of peacekeeping, from every point of view - iconoclast hawk to stereotypical dove - producing a balanced and thoughtful study of American and international history in the making. This is a collection worth keeping, both for ready reference, and to haul out in 20 years to see how future historians have spun the war and its aftermath.

(Bonus points for this one, as Ron Bailey and Reason regular Matt Welch took the next two spots in the category).