Tongue Tied


Wow. I don't even know what to say about this.

Except that the pictures are even weirder.

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  1. And yeah, I know I'm coming to this story a few months late. It's still freaky.

  2. Is this our Friday fun link? Because it's no so much fun as, well, freaky.

  3. Jesse Walker,

    My parents have been to a few Moonie events; one of their friends is a Moonster and she constantly tries to convert them; for their trouble my parents have been flown to South Korea, D.C. (three times), Germany and Canada for free and given room & board too boot! They have yet to be converted, but they have seen a bit of the world for free.

  4. Maybe this is just globalization at work. Just as we couldn't buy Japanese cars and stereos without also taking in their manga comics and karaoke machines, we can't take in all the cool Samsung and LG products from Korea without also getting a glimpse of some of their unique interpretations of Christianity.

    The golden pipe (horn?) was a particularly brilliant touch. If I didn't know better, I'd think that I was looking at a Weird Al Yankovic parody of a rap video.

  5. I can only assume that the guy must have dirt on EVERYONE.

  6. I'm tired of the Moonies' influence too, but the only time I see anything from this Gorenfeld guy is when he's talking about Moonies. Does he cover anything else, or is he just a one-trick pony?

  7. Is Robert Anton Wilson on Moon's advisory committee?

  8. This was in The Post wrote about this last year:

    >>High-Level Endorsements

    In exclusive interviews carried by the Washington Times, George Washington says he is "deeply moved" to learn "the identity of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon" and that he is "the Messiah." Thomas Jefferson urges Americans to "follow the teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon." Abraham Lincoln calls Moon "the True Parent of humanity," while John F. Kennedy says, "All of humankind and the U.N. . . . have to accept his leadership and guidance."

    The forum for the 36 late presidents -- "from the vantage point of heaven" -- was a two-page ad last week taken out by Moon's Unification Church, whose members own the paper. This has caused some cringing at the Times, which usually limits itself to interviewing politicians who are alive.

    Spokeswoman Melissa Hopkins says that as with any advertiser, "our general principle is allowing people to exercise their freedom of speech." Managing Editor Francis Coombs says he ignores the ads because "I'm responsible for news content."

    The Rev. Phillip Schanker, a church spokesman, says he called "the advertising department, asked what their rates are, paid those rates like anybody else. We did not work any inside deal." He says the church -- which has claimed to have received messages from the likes of Jesus, Buddha, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin -- hopes to place such ads in other newspapers.

  9. I'm not too thrilled about this, but we all (presumably) know why this is being written about: "The Moonie Times," as "liberals" are wont to say.

    I link to the Washington Times occasionally, and I actually was a reader of the paper edition when it first came out. They certainly have an agenda, but since it's one with which I for the most part and in many cases agree, I don't care who owns it.

  10. C'mon Lonewacko, you can't mean to say that this event wouldn't be criticized if the Unification Church *didn't* own the WT. That's just silly.

    You do know that Moon and the UC also own UPI, right?

  11. It is no coincidence that International Neoist Day is the next day. There is more to celebrate than you can consider. Thanks friends

  12. umm... Anti-Christ anyone?

  13. Does he cover anything else, or is he just a one-trick pony?

    Yes, I do cover other stuff.

    But I'm not going to stop writing about Moon until someone pays some attention.



  14. "Do you like the smell of your husband's semen? Answer to Father. Does it smell good or bad? You may not like the smell of your wife's stool, but do you smell your own? Why don't you smell your own but you smell your wife's? Because you are not totally one."

  15. I grew up in a minority religion, and I consider religious intolerance to be among the more disgusting forms of bigotry. I vigilantly look for it so I can denounce it; I'm a champion denouncer. But I came across this story in the Louisville Courier Journal a while back about a GOP delegate being disqualified because of his religion, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. There are a lot of fireworks in the article, but it looks like the delegate in question is claiming that he was disqualified for being a Moonie rather than for being gay.

    (Now there's a Friday Fun Link!)

    George W. Bush doesn't have a contender for the Republican nomination this time around, but if he did, some Republicans in Kentucky might choose another candidate based on the fact that Bush's delegate is a Moonie. As I stated above, discriminating against anyone on the basis of religion isn't pretty, but don't parties have the right to pick delegates using whatever criteria they choose?

    In regards to the Washington Times, I believe in the freedom of religion, and I believe in freedom of the press, but just because something shouldn't be illegal, doesn't mean it isn't morally pathetic. I would give adultery and selling drugs as prime examples. Well, like a vampire, The Reverend Moon has sucked the freedom out of thousands of feeble minded people, which is disgusting, and I wouldn't buy his rag if it was the best source of Redskins news on earth.

  16. Oh fer Pete's sake, Wacko! They put a crown on a delusional billionaire cultist theocrat, with a bunch of Congressmen in attendance, in a Congressional office building, and the most important thing you have to say about it is a "liberal media" snark?

    "We need to fight the real enemy!

    The Judean Popular Front?"

  17. Does this not smell like a hoax to anyone but me? I yield to no one in my lack of respect for Congress, but come *on*.

    Incidentally, "mansei" is a North Korean infantry cry. Nice touch.

  18. Re: Newspaper owned by the followers of weirdo-cultist Moon.

    "How could anyone trust that rag?"

    Re: Newspaper owned by the followers of weirdo-cultist Mary Baker Eddy:

    "Oh, the articles in The Christian Science Monitor are so thoughtful!"

    I've never been able to figure this one out.


  19. Kevin meet sarcasm. Sarcism, introduce yourself to Kevin.

    My point is that Republicans look absurd (and, in some cases, anti-semetic) in accusing Soros of undemocratically influencing U.S. politics, when they ignore Moon -- someone who has more money and has been using it longer to pursue a truly anti-democratic agenda. Hit and Run is the first non-liberal blog I have seen tee this issue up.

    Obviously, Democrats are not immune from Moon's corruption as evidenced by the Democrats in attendance at the Moon event. However, conservatives have completely ignore the issue with only liberals asking what the hell is going on here.

  20. brooke,

    I think Moon *must* have some dirt on a lot of politicians. Otherwise, I can't imagine any sane Democrat not constantly challenging a Moonie-associating opponent to disavow him. You'd think a picture of a Republican pol being openly supportive at Moon's coronation ceremony, if included in a campaign ad, would an automatic kiss of death. My only conclusion is that Moon has pictures of most of the Democrats with a live boy or a dead girl.

  21. Ken Schultz,

    Thanks, that was a great Friday fun link (even if I didn't see it until Saturday):

    ...Then, he started saying, `Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie.'"
    Lawlor recalled saying only "Moonie, Moonie, Moonie."

    That's good stuff. I seem to recall having a conversation like that many years ago, but I was on a playground and instead of Moonie we were yelling "Cooties!"

    FYI, it looks like the gay (or "gay at one time") delegate wasn't excluded at all - he was the one doing the excluding (of the Unification Church member). So that's progress....

  22. Anybody watch the video? There's a shot of Bush Sr. and Barbara at 8:41. Not sure what it's about...don't know Korean...but I'm not sure I want to know either. I couldn't watch it past 14:00.

    I do however wonder how the gay community would react to seeing a lefty congressman bowing before placing a crown on the head of a man who publicly claims homosexuals to be "dung eating dogs."

    "The church and the state must become one as Cain and Abel"

    I'm curious as to how far the Cain and Abel metaphor goes.

  23. Mike said exactly what I'm thinking; it strikes me as a hoax, and while I'm usually willing to believe ANYTHING about a politican (except John McCain, whom I love and about whom I can't be objective), I just don't see this happening in any world located the slightest bit close to ours.

    When is someone going to invent a safe sleeping pill for small children?

  24. Gotta be a hoax, man. Every conservative or Republican I know thinks Moon is a fruitcake.

    Many of those same folks would like to see him behind bars, or at the very least, dragged through town behind a '56 GMC pickup (with a gun rack) and then strungup on the nearest yardarm (whatever the hell THAT is) or hangin' tree.

    Okay, not a scientific survey...but, come on guys, this is just so counterintuitive.

  25. We know what Sun means.
    We know what Moon means.
    Is Myung slipped in there to brainwash us?
    Oooommm. Aieeeh!

    Billy Sunday.
    I mean, was it "Sunday," really?

    Billy Graham.
    Was he supposed to be the Monday Billy after Sunday? As in "time to get crackin'." Or just a southern cracker/presidential groupie?

    Myung is 84. Might his successor take the name "Big Bang Macaroni Blypton" to be more inclusive?

    Recall speaking is an old insurance agent who sold a Prudential health insurance policy to a prominent faith-healer.

    What would the Pope do? Or say? Or s-s-ay?

  26. makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about faith based initiatives, don't it...

  27. But George Soros is rich, Jewish and supports democrats. And it is an election year. Must not talk about Moon. Must only demonize Soros.

  28. Chuck,

    Look, the Democrats had their problems with Jim Jones a few decades ago. And that's the best comparison to the GOP's association with Moon.

    When Soros starts talking about the "Third Israel," has himself crowned Messiah, and starts channelling Hitler and Stalin, you can refer to him in the same sentence as Moon. Until then, you're just embarassing yourself.

  29. Unfortunately, it's not a hoax. It's all too real.

  30. Ken Schultz had an interesting comment concerning religous bigotry and his desire to denounce it.

    Now I'm not biased against working alongside a crazy relidge, say a garden variety catholic (I believe in "god", but all that crazy stuff about floods and "god" sending bears to eat children for making fun of bald prophets is a bit much-hence I believe the bible to be a crazy, and dangerous, piece of psychotic fiction). I am willing to work with them, even live next door to them (well I will watch them closely, the bible gives them too many reasons to kill me). But I am allowed to be biased against them.

    I am extremely hesitant about letting a "catholic" in my house. I have that right. I also have the duty to treat them fairly and decently. But Bias, you better believe I have that right too. No offence, but every religon I have ever met requires the "believer" to embrace a kind of psychotic break with reality.

    I am very biased against all religons...and please tell me the difference between an infallible pope and Rev Moon? Cause frankly, I just can't see it.

    But I will fight to the death for the right of catholics and moonies to be insane. And I will fight fo my right to know that they are insane.

    See how neat that all works out. But I will always be afraid of relidges, as I am afraid of thieves, thugs and terrorists. And I will argue for thier right to participate in the economy and be free. However I will fight thier infulence in my government, and vote against them at all times.

  31. Re: the religious freedom angle, I think a big issue is not so much the religion, but the apparent use of a major government building for a religious ceremony which is given the appearance of government sanction.

    It wouldn't be remotely as bad if they'd held the event at a rented banquet hall.

    It would be just as objectionable if John Ashcroft were baptizing people in the rotunda of the Capitol building, or the next Pope were being elected at the Supreme Court building.

    Another aspect which takes this out of the realm of mere religious bigotry is the fact that the Reverend Moon is a known, convicted felon (convicted in the US for tax evasion, i think, so it isn't like Nelson Mandela's conviction).

    Should people of the US government be crowning a convicted felon the messiah on government property?

  32. Ruthless,

    "Myung" is Korean for fnord.

  33. Chuck,

    Thanks for reintroducing me to my old friend, sarcasm. I was apparently too out of it to recognize it before.

  34. Hearing that Moon was convicted of tax evasion, I have to admit that crowning him on government property seems like the least they could do. If I was Moon, they could crown me every day, but I wouldn't accept the government's apology until I got all my money back.

    The IRS doen't stand up well in a comparison to the Moonies, do they? I mean, at least the money that Moon gets from his cronies at the airport is given, more or less, willingly.

  35. Jon H, baptizing people doesn't run contrary to our system of government's fundamental precepts. Crowning people royalty does.

  36. My favorite photo is the one of Rep. Curt Weldon placing a pin on Qaddaffi's lapel. I thought that was another Moonie event and was asking myself, "Qaddaffi's a Moonie?". Then I learned that Weldon was in Libya as one of the members of the congressional visit after the WMD disarmament agreement between Libya, the United States and the UK.

    Rep. Danny Davis is a South Side Chicago Democrat. He's likely to represent a community of voters that are 'conservative' on family values. Moon isn't politically inept.

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