Kerry Kerry Not Contrary


Drudge is red-inking a pre-transcript of a John Kerry interview with C-SPAN, where the Democrat nominee (in Drudge's paraphrase) "supports the current FCC crackdown on television indecency, but comes out against the greater scrutiny of pay cable channels like HBO and Showtime." Some direct quotes:

"I am not in favor of government interference and censorship and restriction of what an individual privately can decide to do in their home, in their own space, so to speak," Kerry said, but he did seem to be OK with indecency regulation "where you have children involved, where you have a broader cross-section of the public, where there is sort of a sense of family time or hour."

There's nothing I've seen to indicate that a Democrat-run FCC would be a damned bit better than Michael Powell's boobs, and Kerry's comments about media consolidation in the same interview indicate a stronger willingness to regulate.