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This article's a few days old, but I really couldn't justify posting it until Frivolous Friday. Without further ado, meet M-Rod, the Rat Whacker.

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  1. Whoops! Had a link to a public radio interview for a few minutes there…. Hope no one suffered too much trauma.

  2. The original link was interesting. A whole lot of handwringing over the purchase of “.50 caliber sniper rifles that could easily down a helicopter or an airplane”.

    That’d be some sniper.

    Typical gun-idiot logic – if .50 caliber anti-aircraft machine guns can down aircraft – then a 5-shot sniper rifle can too.

  3. Isn’t this guy only creating food for the other (quicker) rats?

  4. How do you make a rat running along the ground fly through the air?? Perhaps he uses more of a golf swing which means he’s not M-Rod, but Chi Chi (Rodriguez.)

  5. Call me snake — You haven’t watched enough of Vladimir Guerrero …. Anwyay, a cricket swing oughtta do the trick, and his bat looks crafted for that precise stroke.

  6. Matt,
    I’m aware of Guerrero’s prolific talent, but you’re correct that I have not seen enough of him, which is one reason why I purchased MLB Extra Innings package four days ago…I’m still giddy, on cloud nine…ten games a night!!!

    Everyone: Get it if you don’t have it…the days of relying on the idiots at baseball tonight (Gammons excepted) are over!!!!

  7. John Miller has always bothered me. But all I really need is Skip, Pete, Joe and Don. A rat smack would have been a good Turner promotion, but probably not better than the ostrich race.

  8. “t a time when the city is at war with rats, Rodriguez is an unsung soldier. Complaints soared 29%, to 19,358, during the 2003 fiscal year, prompting a crackdown by City Hall.”

    Maybe if someone told the Mayor the rats have been seen smoking in bars he might get more excited about rat control.

  9. Next up; Greenpeace does NYC.

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