Well, See, That's Kinda Part of the Problem


Here's a John Podhoretz quote about Abu Ghraib in an L.A. Times story about Iraq-triggered rifts within the Right:

"These were acts of ritual humiliation, and everyone who did it should be photographed in the same positions they put other people in."

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  1. Thank you to whomever registered “reason@reason.com”.

  2. Why?
    Granted they stupidly did what Moore told them to do, but even then it was just about sex – whoops that was a previous excuse.

  3. Sounds like Mr. Podhoretz has some fetish issues he may need to work on repressing. No one is championing what those misguided soldiers did. They were wrong. They will be punished. The time to be outraged is when an improper punishment has been handed down -like if these soldiers get away with anything less than having to register as sex offenders along with a dishonorable discharge. Until then, proper action is that which is constructive -such as scrutinizing unjust techiques & playing a part in defining what is reasonable treatment of a human being (friend or foe) and what is not.

    But no sane person wants to see more of the same type of behavior. Then again, sanity isn’t generally a requirement of being a published newpaper columnist. We can thank Mr. Podhoretz for helping illustrate that point so well.

  4. Is it two wrongs that make a right, or was it three lefts? I forget… and so apparently has Norman.

  5. Plus, as everyone knows, Muslims are particularly offended by that kind of thing. Everybody else just loves it.

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