Chalabi Loses His Allowance


Well, that sure took long enough.

[Via Jim Henley, who adds, "maybe that Iranian money is all the fellow needs."]

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  1. decent man?

    he’s a convicted fraudster in Jordan

    “Chalabi, a secular Iraqi Shiite Muslim and mathematician by training, previously served as chairman of the Petra Bank in Jordan, where he engaged in various cloak-and-dagger operations that ended abruptly in August 1989 when he fled the country “under mysterious circumstances” and in 1992 was convicted in absentia for embezzlement, fraud and currency-trading irregularities, sentencing him to 22 years’ hard labour. [1],[2]”

    His group is also suspected of having provided misleading/faulty information to the CIA on Saddam Hussien’s alleged WMDS

  2. …and in 1992 was convicted in absentia for embezzlement, fraud and currency-trading irregularities…

    Well, I’ll be Allah’s Uncle, this guy fits right in with the rest of them in Washington DC. No wonder he said what they wanted to hear so Saddam could be disposed of.

  3. It’s amazing how this decent man has been demonized. I blame Paul Bremer, who never liked him in the first place and has always been the wrong man for the job.

  4. Why’s that? Jordan seems to be the only country over there showing any sign of sense about Iraq.

  5. CIA, State Department, Pentagon, DOD… Why can’t we all just get along?

    Seriously though, being convicted in Jordan isn’t really a bad thing to say about a person.

    And if you want to bash a politician for having limited ethics, Chalabi would have to work night and day to compete with Bill Clinton.

    So he’s not perfect. Who else ‘ya got?

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