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Henry Copeland of Blogads is conducting a blog reader survey here:

Warning: The survey host site is slow and sometimes unavailable due to high traffic.

Please participate if you can—and type in "reason" to question 22, which will help us with demographic info specific to this blog.

One of the ways you can help support Reason is to check out our advertisers—including those from Blogads on the right side of your screen.


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  1. ?!?

    tried the link, got a page saying the survey is closed.

  2. “This survey is currently closed.”

    “Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.”

    As of 15:30 EDT

    Guess he couldn’t handle all our attention.

  3. Ha ha suckers! Now it looks like you’ve got a 71+ male reader who has never clicked on an ad, makes less than 10k a year, and spends no money online. Hope those skewed results hurt!

    Bring back Virginia Postrel or you’ll get another!

  4. Oh yeah JDM, well I think you just inspired a response from about a hundred middle and upper income Reason readers, who are just waiting to continue to lavish their financial largess on the online merchants. Ha ha your self!

    You did however give the right answers for say, The New Republic or The Weekly Standard.

  5. Ok smart guy. Now because of you, they have 3 more! All with NO income! I’ll bring to its knees!

  6. Sorry, guys The Agitator got me first….

  7. Well, at least the survey is working again…

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