Where's Raed? At the Movies.


The BBC reports that Salam Pax's The Baghdad Blog, the book that consists largely of his famous blog entries, will be produced as a film by Intermedia. The chairman of the company's film division says that Salam is "like a Nick Hornby in the middle of a war."

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  1. And where is Salam, anyway? The blog’s been inactive for a month. The last entry made it sound like he might be in one of the partisan-controlled areas.

  2. From Salam Pax webchat – Today (follow the link above)
    “Yes, I support the ousting of the regime. Most Iraqis don’t have any problem with the coalition coming in. We needed their help. It was never going to happen any other way. I don’t think they exaggerated the hardship of life. After 25 years it is a bit suspicious that they look at how Iraqis feel about the regime and publish Amnesty reports which were written years ago. The US was supportive of Saddam during the 80s. When Halbaja happened, the US knew about it. They sent Rumsfeld to tell Saddam not to do it again. Now suddenly they care, so this is what makes people suspicious. Iraqis and the coalition wanted this outcome for different reasons. I hope we can work it out in the end. There was a massive media campaign saying “We’re hear to liberate the Iraqis” but we’re not so stupid. If they really meant it, they’d have done it 10 years ago when Saddam was killing thousands of people down in the Shia region.”

  3. What a whiny little bitch he is.

    What did *HE* do to liberate Iraq?

  4. Uh…..maybe risked imprisonment and probably torture and possibly death to get his message to the outside world.

    Since the material in my previous post is from Tuesday 9th September 2003, and he is is expressing mixed feelings I have to wonder to what extent those feelings might have changed since then.

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