Thugees, Thugettes


New at Reason: Cathy Young reacts to the Abu Ghreib scandal.

NEXT: Corruptions of Empire?

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  1. Okay, but what’s a clich? Is that like Zoot Suit hat?

  2. I have to go to my TV and see if the networks are giving equal play to th aljazera execution video.

  3. Mega props to Cathy!

    Can we finally retire that old canard about Humans being essentially good? Can we now admit that us humans, in the right circumstances, have the capacity not only for good and courageous acts, but also for evil ones? And once having admitted this put the appropriate checks and balances in place to prevent the sorts of things we are seeing from Abu Ghraib?

  4. Cathy gets it right again.

  5. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Lord Acton

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