Najafis Against Sadr


Reuters reports that "Hundreds of Iraqis marched in Najaf Tuesday calling on militant cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to withdraw his fighters from the Shi'ite holy city." The news service called it "the biggest and most public display yet of mounting local exasperation" with Sadr. There was a smaller anti-Sadr demonstration in Najaf on Monday; a bigger march is planned for Friday.

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  1. Hundreds? Apparently Sistani is not involved then. Isn’t it odd that al sadr is characterized by the US as having a small following and yet demonstrations against him are so small?

  2. It’s amazing what a few boxes of AK-47’s dropped off by the Revolutionary Guard do to increase the profile of a small group.

  3. Let`s send the “million moms” over there so they will have the numbers they need.

  4. “Let`s send the “million moms” over there so they will have the numbers they need.”

    Yeah, they could go house to house confiscating AKs, RPG, SVDs, etc.

  5. One of the problems are government has is a lack of trust in armed good guys. This is true domestically as well as abroad. Just look at the opposition to arming airline pilots–from a pro-gun Republican administration no less.

  6. It is good to see Iraqi’s taking a more active role in running their own damned country.

    They need to get themselves organized and go kick some butt.

    The troubles, of course, are two-fold:

    1. The coalition gets pretty nervous when they see militia’s forming, so the only militias that can succeed are the anti-coalition militias!

    2. It takes a lot of time and effort to form an effective citizens militia, and that generally only happens when you have some very extreme people involved. Unfortunately, the extremists are all on the opposite team. The folks we would like to see become more active are the moderates.

    Note that these guys demonstrated under opposition gun-fire. Let’s see the Million- Bitch March do that!

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