Block the Box


Now here's a Kerry campaign placard I could imagine having on my lawn.

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  1. Is it just me or does that not make any sense at all?


    Block the box?


  2. Will,
    This is fairly new to me, too. If you don’t drive in large cities often, you have probably never seen the signs to which the campaign placard alludes. In some cities (NYC and DC, e.g.), they have signs that say “Don’t block the box.” What it means is don’t enter the intersection on green unless you can clear it. This helps avoid the common situation in which the traffic on one street has the green light, but cannot move because the intersection is blocked by all those people who “blocked the box” on the intersecting street. The idea of the campaign placard is to “block the box” by electing a President of the opposite party from that in power in Congress. Hopefully, they won’t get along and will thwart each others’ plans to run our lives.

  3. It’s just you. I think it’s hilarious.

    I’ve even thought myself that the only possible good Kerry could do (if elected) would be to counter Republican majority nonsense like ballooning government size and spending (after compaigning for 20 years that they would reduce the size of government and it’s “drunken sailor ways).

    I think I read someplace that, historically, the economy does consistently well when different parties control the executive and legislative branches.

  4. Block the Box? I think it’s a reference to Bush.

  5. Of course, it could all fall about if Democrats take back Congress. Then what?

  6. The one–and only–reason to vote for Kerry.

  7. KentinDC is right–though I’ve seen those “Don’t Block the Box” signs in much smaller cities, they are very prevalent in the District. That’s appropriate, given that we’re talking about Congress.

    So please, think of Welfare Reform versus Medicare Drug Coverage when you next go to the ballot box. A little gridlock could only help.

  8. “Of course, it could all fall about if Democrats take back Congress. Then what?”

    Possible disaster. A Dem congress would be all too willing to go along with Bush’s big government agenda and add to it in a big way!

    Two important facts: 1)As much as government spending has exploded under Bush; Bush has asked for even more spending and 2) The Dems in congress have voted for much more spending than their GOP counterparts and much more than has been past:

    BTW, Kerry is one of the worst of a very bad lot:

    There are enough GOP congress people who are fed up with Bush’s big spending agenda that we will get more gridlock and spending restraint under a Bush wins scenario with the GOP holding congress then we will if Bush wins and the Dems take congress.

    If Kerry wins and the GOP holds congress we can also look forward to wonderful spending gridlock. If Kerry wins and the Dems take congress, gridlock will only be a fond memory.

  9. I’ve seen funnier things on “Full House.” Take a drive in the country, Julian, you’ll feel a lot better.

  10. It is more than a bit pathetic that the best reason anyone can come up with to vote for John Kerry is the claim that he will be an ineffectual leader.

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