Rosie the Riveter Was A Pansy!


Thanks to The Washington Post for giving a name to America's newest dream girl: She's Pfc. Lynndie England, the pint-sized dominatrix of Abu Ghreib. Somewhere out there, some high-powered executive who likes to unwind in his own way after spending all day at the "top" of his game is counting the hours until Pfc. England gets out of Leavenworth. Since I'm all for a happy ending, since England's family is already crying scapegoat, and since there can never be enough ludicrous excuses, I'd like to get the ball rolling on England's inevitable post-feminist counterattack:

Why haven't the pictures of male soldiers abusing prisoners been shown as often as the ones of Lynndie? Why is this administration more concerned with not offending the sensibilities of its Arab male "friends" than seeing justice for our men and women in uniform? If Lynndie England were a man, she'd be getting a medal right now!