Don't Get Cocky, Kid


The Economist, which has long been sweet on both the Golden State and moderate Republicanism, gives our funTASTik governor a wet one in this useful survey on California, which also warns that Arnold needs to do much, much more to right the ship of state.

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  1. I’m not sure moderate Republicanism is the best way of describing the economist. They endorsed Bill Clinton at least once, if I recall. They endorse full gay marriage, which can’t even be called a moderately Democratic position (sadly).

    In my opinion they are best described as neoclassical liberals, without the ideology.

  2. Slippy — Didn’t mean to describe them as moderate Republicans, just to point out that they (like many media outlets) are sweet on the breed.

  3. Seriously, doesn’t it seem like Ahhhnoold is doing a pretty good job?

  4. That’s fair. It’s also unfortunate, because that breed seems to have disappeared.

  5. Your pop-culture reference / headline is lacking. It’s a way overused Star Wars line, and there’s no obscure side joke or pun … no real or jokey connection to Arnold or the Economist.

    A better choice would be:

    Haf You Ever Had a Man’s Tongue Slide In Your Anus?

    This is funny because of a) Arnold was quoted as actually saying this, b) the quote was in an LAT hit piece just before the election, c) this would fit in a troubling way with the “wet kiss” you mention the Economist giving to Arnold, and d) … well jesus, it’s the worst, most unappealing come-on in the history of Austrians having sex with humans. True or not, it should be repeated regularly just to keep people nervous.

    That is your comedy-headline lesson for today, Matt.

  6. And of course, they can’t avoid a shot at Prop 13 which would have given the bureaucrats even *MORE* money to spend.

  7. I pooh on the notion that media outlets are sweet on moderate Republicans. They may be, but only by comparison. Free market types are (gasp)ideologues, so anything that smells more like a liberal is moderate.

    In my one year of getting The Economist, I decided they were soundly Third Way types. Rah, rah, mixed economy, and all that. You can tell because they always focus on how business generates money for governments. Governments need to show restraint because how can you redistribute wealth if you kill the goose?

  8. I think you all know where I stand on moderate Republicans.

    Well, actually, it’s only my creepy exterior that hates moderate Republicans. Deep down inside I’m a pretty little ballerina who wants to get surgery so I can be the woman I was meant to be. And that part of me actually kind of likes moderate Republicans. Especially Arlen Specter. He’s hot!

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