Quotes and Sources



"Perhaps the genitals have not been named before in such a straightforward and open manner in works of mass media and art in China."

-- Zhang Baoquan, owner of Beijing's Today Gallery, on government censors' cancellation of The Vagina Monologues, quoted by Reuters, February 12

"There's not a stone that's going to be left unturned as to what our abilities are."

-- Federal Communications Commission legal adviser Jonathan Cody, announcing the agency's determination to punish the airing of Janet Jackson's breast at the Super Bowl, in the February 3 Washington Post


Apple's 1984 commercial for the Macintosh was hailed as groundbreaking advertising, but it can't touch the notorious "Daisy ad" of 20 years earlier, which darkly intimated that voting for Barry Goldwater invited nuclear Armageddon. In fact, campaign advertising, from high drama to high camp, may be the best thing to come out of the American political system. Who can forget George Bush I's Willie Horton spot, or Reagan's "Bear in the Woods"? Relive the magic at www.uiowa.edu/~commstud/resources/pol_ads.html and faculty. kutztown.edu/richards/220/ad-archive. html, where you'll find links to videos of some of the most famous and infamous campaign spots, along with reams of analysis.