25 Years Ago in Reason


"My advice to teachers is to go on strike in the classroom….You can't teach them anyway, so stop trying….Who cares? Certainly not the children or their parents."

-- Theresa Hale De Soubiese, "Surviving the Blackboard Jungle"

"If such a relatively uncomplicated conspiracy and cover-up as Watergate came unraveled so easily, how could …the Kennedy assassination [plot] have been kept so well for so long?"

-- William Marina, "Shooting Down the Conspiracy Theory"

"To compel men and women to comfort the sick, restore the forests, or repair the cities is forced labor….It matters not…whether the pay is the $288 a month paid to U.S. Army recruits or the $3 a month paid to Soviet army conscripts."

-- Robert Poole Jr., "The 'National Service' Menace"

"The anti-nuclear, anti-energy environmental issue is tailor-made for those who seek massive and rapid political change….Attempts to meet energy demands are discredited with scare tactics and denounced as morally unacceptable degradations of the environment."

-- H. Peter Metzger, "Environmental Activists Capture Washington"