Sometimes One Place Wants to Slip into the Other Just to See


How did I miss this one when it first happened? Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution writes about the affluent skiing town of Killington's designs to secede from Vermont, where residents are subject to sky-high property taxes, to join New Hampshire. It's not terribly likely to happen, because as CNN reports:

Secession activists say Killington's restaurants, inns and other businesses send $20 million a year to Montpelier in sales, room and meal taxes, while the state returns just $1 million in municipal and education aid to the town of roughly 1,000 residents.

Vermont legislators would have to approve the secession bid, and if those figures are remotely close to the truth, they've got little enough incentive to do so. I notice that the Free State Project is apparently involved, and also this odd line from New Hampshire's governor:

"How do you take a piece of property completely removed from our borders? How do you connect it? I just don't know how you'd connect the dots."

Last I checked, Alaska and Hawaii weren't in any hurry to cozy up to the continental U.S., doesn't seem to have been a huge problem.