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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger travels to Israel this weekend, so you know what that means…. Unless you're the immigration-obsessed website VDare, which smartly redirects attention to the they-keep-coming implications:

I wish the Israelis would show him around, and point out the things that Israel has that California lacks. They could say: "This is our Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, where we make sure that immigrants learn the language. This is our border; note the armed guards. This is a wall we're building, to keep people out. And remember, Governor, you need valid ID to board the plane."

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  1. Tolerance is a wonderful thing. Perhaps the Israeli government can learn some at the new, Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance so that it treats its own Arab citizens better, not to mention the Palestinians in occupied Palestine. Certain fundamentalist Israeli Jews would also do well to take lessons there.

    They could make an exhibit about Ariel Sharon illustrating non-tolerance since he supported a “Jews Only” housing law on government land in discrimination against the countries 15-20% Arab population. BTW, this law was deemed necessary by the racist government because to many Israeli Jews are willing to sell to Israeli Arabs.

  2. Do I dare risk an ethnic joke here:

    “We are the Berg. Prepare to be assimilated.”

  3. Jim,
    Ask a Palestinian what they think of Assad, Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak, any of the Sauds or King Hussein. Chances are you will hear every swear word in the English and Arabic languages. They hate those Arab rulers because they do not help their people and use them as political pawns.

    Rightfully so.

  4. JimInNOVA,

    So there is no state in Palestine, and no government to negotiate with? Golly! Do ya think that might have something to do with the fact that it passed directly from being a Turkish province to a British mandate, and the Brits immediately started promoting the foreign colonization of it right out from under the feet of the people who lived there?

    What next? Agitprop about the “so-called Palestinian people”? And then who knows, maybe you could diversify into the Afrikaner version of South African history: the Bantu moved south only after the whites had already settled, because of the wonderful new prosperity. Gosh, apartheid pariah states produce such an “interesting” version of history.

  5. Oy vey.

  6. Rick Barton – Damn those racist jews, not dying like sheep like they are supposed to.

    Douglas Flectcher – *chortle*

  7. Rick Barton – You do realize that the Gaza strip and the west bank are a part of Israel, yes? And that they were acquired the last time several Arab states did something stupid? And that there is no state by the name of “Palestine” to be “occupied,” nor a sovreign government with which to negotiate even if such a state were to hypothetically exist?

    Just checking.

    Oh, you should also direct your little tolerance speech at Jordan and Syria. They’ve killed at least as many Palestinians as Isreal, and they arn’t even talking about giving up the sections of their countries that the Palestinians may have lived on at some point in history. But I guess Arabs killing Palestinians is ok, just not Jews. Damn Zionists.

  8. The L.A. Times piece on Santa Ana (linked to above) mentions Nativo Lopez. He occasionally holds boycotts that coincidentally fall on days when many people aren’t working. Too bad Californians were too apathetic (and Republicans too cowardly) to support the Save Our State initiative.

  9. garym,

    Kevin is pointing to the reasons for the non-existance of a formal Palestinian state and the attendant political machinations.


    I’m not sure if the Syrian government has killed more Palestinians than the Israeli government but I think the Jordanian government probably has. These serve as no excuse for the Israeli occupation. But, there are plenty of good reasons to cut off US tax aid to the thug Jordanian regime.

  10. Kevin Carson is using the Emperor’s New Clothes technique: If you can’t see the existence of the “Palestinian state,” that proves you’re an unworthy person.

  11. I think we should consider some of the distinctions between California’s border problem and Israel’s border problem.

    People are crossing California’s borders to work in the (sort of) free market, to get ahead and build better lives for themselves and their familier.

    People are crossing Israel’s borders to kill people.

    I can see how easy it is to get the two confused from your easy chair.

  12. “People are crossing Israel’s borders to kill people.”

    That statement is truer of Israeli troops than it is of Palestinian civilians.

  13. >But, there are plenty of good reasons to cut off US tax aid to the thug Jordanian regime.

    Well said

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