LA Shopping Malls on Terror Alert


…due to ?uncorroborated? threat of possible attack sometime today. Though no specific mall was mentioned, cops are figuring West side due to location of federal building there.

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  1. On TV this morning, one of the things they told us all to look out for is people sitting in parked cars.

    So if we see someone sitting in a parked car, are we supposed to call the police? Does sitting in a parked car now constitute probable cause?

    The destuction of the World Trade Center and the fire at the Reichstag, in many ways, have nothing in common, but in some ways they do.

  2. We have specific intelligence that a Starbucks will be hit in the State of California. Since we have 10,000 sites to cover, our resources are tapped. Stay away from Starbucks until further notice. You hippie fucks shouldn’t be drinking that shit, anyway.

    Have a nice day.

  3. On 24 the villain responsible for the biological attack is a former Secret Agent Man gone rogue. How do we know that the guy posting here isn’t him?

  4. I just read the article. Now I’m tempted to take a really heavy backpack full of books and sit in a parked car near an LA mall while doing my work. Since right now I’m doing calculations I can work from a parked car with my laptop as easily as I can work from a lab or library.

  5. I highly doubt the terrorists will want to blow up stores like The Gap and Hot Topic. Remember: their goal is to DESTROY America, not make it better!

  6. Man. Jack Bauer’s *never* gonna get some shut-eye.

  7. Jack can handle it!

  8. I can only pray that the Muslims attack their true enemy, the liberal Hollywood elite who insist on creating movies of women with their faces uncovered.

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