Heinlein Was Half Right


Maybe there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, but as Ben and Jerry prove today, TISATAAFICC.

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  1. God bless those dirty hippies.

  2. Please note that those dirty hippies are now the British humongo corp Unilever. That makes it even better for me, but I don’t think Kevin Carson could in good conscience grab a cone …

  3. Unless the greedy bastards in your area arent participating in the give-away

  4. Baskin Robins is having a free scoop day too, tomorrow:
    Their free scoop isn’t related to voting, but they give money to a charity that gives books to kids for each person that gets a free scoop.

    It’s a good week for ice cream.

  5. McDonalds take note: Register people who like their meals Supersized.

  6. well, of course, i’m sure you recognize that these free cones were paid for by all the other B&J’s we’ve been stuffing ourselves with. Heinlein more or less addresses this directly when his hero in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress points out that a “free lunch” advertised in a certain tavern comes at cost of highly overpriced beer.

    Just quibbling. But hell, I’m headed over to the on-campus shop first chance I get, thanks Julian!

  7. I am too proud to accept a free ice dream cone. [also too fat]

  8. So Ben and Jerry are luring people into trying their addictive, high-fat concoctions by giving away free samples. Someday I want to write an article titled “Ben and Jerry: Merchants of Death.”

  9. Don’t forget the important exception to TANSTAAFL: I EAT, YOU PAY. If you can manage that without exchanging anything of value, you’ve won the game.


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