Florida Land Grab


Via Freemarket.net: The Florida legislature is expected to vote this week on a bill that would empower local governments to take land from individuals and sell it to private developers.

Supporters assure us these powers won't be used or abused:

Lee County Commissioner Bob Janes also supports the bill. He said that even though expanded powers to take property would be available to the commission, commissioners would likely not use it.

?The political will, I would say, is nonexistent,? he said while conceding that future commissions may not be as reluctant as the current board.

Cape Coral Mayor Arnold Kempe, however, said the expanded condemnation power is key to the bill.

?No one likes the idea of eminent domain,? he said. ?But it?s the only way to assemble land.?

[State Senator Mike] Bennett said he was originally concerned with the added condemnation powers but is satisfied that they won?t be abused.

Sure. IJ's Castle Coalition reports there have been over 10,000 instances of governments filing or threatening to condemn homes for private parties in 41 states. Here are the top ten cases of eminent domain abuse. More on this from Reason last year.